NFC Commander and Nokia Create contest


Nokia Create contest was announced in early September and is running until late December. It’s a great initiative from Nokia to push developers to develop new creative apps in one of the categories Nokia has defined. If you have you should go over the contest webpage to read more about it.

My app, NFC Commander was chosen as a runner up for the Nokia Music mini contest, that means it was one of the top 10 submissions. It’s great news (for me). But I have great news for you too! NFC Commander was on sale until the end of November but now will remain at 0.99$ forever.

I hope you will enjoy the news as much as I do, an update of NFC Commander is also on the workings planning to add more functions to it.

Read more about NFC Commander here,
or download the app (free trial/0.99$ full) here.



Sensor Scout review

panoramic This is another simple yet useful app, Sensor Scout will let you read data from the sensors on your windows phone.

On the main screen you will choose which sensor you want to see in action, then you will have to start recording values by hitting the appbar.check at the bottom of the page. Depending on the sensor you’ve chosen data will be displayed in a different way plus the raw data in numbers.

  • GPS sensor is for acquiring current location, you can choose between high accuracy and low accuracy, note that in order to have valid GPS signal you have to be outside or close to a window or be connected to a wifi network.
  • Gyroscope is a sensor that measures the rotation of your phone in the 3 axes (x,y,z) , the first graph shows you the current rotation speed of each axis and the second graph the cumulative rotation since you started recording.
  • Accelerometer is self-explanatory, it gives you the acceleration on each of the 3 axes (x,y,z), keep in mind that your phone always receives the acceleration (G) caused by earth’s gravity.
  • Finally the compass will show you where is the north is, there are two bars, one shows you raw data from the sensor and the other the corrected by your phone estimation of where the north truly is.

I hope you can find good use to this application,
it’s free with no ads so if you like it support it by giving a good rate/review on the store.

Download the app by scanning the QR code below or by hitting this link.


*the app appearance is based on your phone’s theme (light/dark) so it may differ from screenshots I’ve posted above.

Flat Icons following flat colors success!


Last week was released flat colors and had an unexpected success on windows phone, I’ve received many suggestions and an update is on the workings, but this is about a new app, Flat Icons.

screen1 Seen so many people interested in design-helping apps I’ve created Flat Icons app that will let user browse some nice modern looking flat icons.
When creating an application, a website or a brochure if you want it to be modern-looking  you need to choose wisely its colors,icons and typography.

The app let users browse collections of flat icons and then send a download link via email. At the moment you can’t save these icons on the phone as windows phone OS doesn’t support PNG files and making them JPEG would remove the transparency of the background making them much harder to use.

What’s even better is that you can download the icons in SVG format allowing you to scale them to whatever size you want without loosing in quality.

The app showcase a tiny portion of total icons/categories, the download link will reward you with over a thousand icons.

Flat Icons is a free with no ads, if you like it take the time to rate/review the app on the store.
For any suggestions please feel free to contact me via twitter @JasonPap_dev or via the app.

Download the app by scanning the QR-code below or clicking on download.


Designers on the go take a look at Flat Colors

pic3 Flat design is one of the hottest topics around when it comes to design these days. It’s a really simplified yet powerful and attractive way to communicate something from a design perspective.
Colors are a very important and powerful tool for flat design along with typography and simplified (flat) icons.  Read more about flat design here.

Flat Colors is a little app for windows phone that present one of the best color palette for flat design. It could be useful to any web designer / app developer or someone else looking for :

  • A quick way to show colors to clients on the go.
  • Get inspired.
  • Use in development / design of a product.

With Flat Colors you can see one of the best flat colors palette and get the color code of each color available in hex, rgb and rgba formats.

Flat Colors is a free app with no adds available for download to everyone on the windows phone store.

For any suggestion of improvement please contact me via twitter: @JasonPap_dev or via the application.

To download the app click here or scan the QR code below.


NFC Commander goes on sale


NFC Commander have just been updated with minor bug fixes and is also dropping to 0.99$ from 1.99$!

Thanks to everyone who have helped make this possible with suggestions and remarks. I hope that now even more of you will be able to enjoy the power of NFC on your windows phone.
You can always download the trial to see what’s all about and then hopefully get the full version.
Don’t wait to much though as this offer is until the end of the month (November 2013).


For more Info about what NFC Commander is please take a look at:
My blog, WMPoweruser article

If you have any question on suggestion you can always contact me via twitter @JasonPap_dev
or via the app.

Download the app:   download1

NFC Commander updated, brings trial version and launcher to any app.

DSC_5016NFC Commander have just received it second update bringing trial functionality and more.

  • In trial mode functionality is restricted to read NFC tags and program tags to open the application or open the Nokia Music applications (only for Nokia Windows Phones). Also in trial mode there is an add banner on top of the main page.

Trial mode is there to let you discover what’s the full potential of NFC Commander by browsing the different categories of actions you can program an NFC tag to do.

  • Program a tag to launch your favorite app, now with NFC Commander you can set a NFC tag open any application from the windows phone store. All you have to do is launch NFC Commander , go to “app launcher” section and write the AppID of the application you want your tag to open.

You can find the AppID of any application by going to the windows phone store and search for the app. Once you found the page of your desired app copy everything after the last ‘ / ’ into the NFC Commander text box and hit write. That’s it, tap your phone to the tag and the app you have chose will open*.


If you have any difficulties please contact me and I will be happy to guide you.

For more information about NFC Commander please check these links:
My review , WMpoweruser post , Windows Phone store page.

As always you can download by scanning the QR code below and let me know what you think in the comments, any feedback is welcome.


*due to OS limitations you will have to accept the action the NFC tag is set to do.

Unleash the potential of your nfc enabled Windows Phone with NFC Commander


NFC Commander is a Windows Phone application developed give you an easy and useful way to use the NFC capability of your Windows Phone.

The app was developed exclusively for windows phone platform and is designed to seamlessly integrate the OS using the Modern (metro) UI simplistic style with focus on typography giving the user an uncluttered straight forward experience.

There are plenty of nfc enabled applications but with NFC Commander you get the most complete experience. You can think of NFC Commander as an NFC hub if you like.

The main screen of NFC Commander let you pan through the main tabs which are  : read , write , about , more.

If you want to see what’s written on a specific NFC tag, tap your phone to it and select what you want to see from the read tab. When you read a tag you can see some general information’s about it in the “tag information”, you can also see what’s really written in the tag on the “data in the tag” and if for some reason you want to see it there is option to take a look at the raw data (useful only for developers).

Now the interesting stuff, NFC Commander let you write to NFC tags actions your phone can do when you tap it to the programed tag. What’s even cooler is that most of those actions can be read/done by any nfc smartphone , windows phone or not. Obviously those who can’t be read by other smartphones are windows phone specific actions. So what can you do by taping an NFC tag?

  • send an SMS to someone
  • call someone
  • send an email to someone
  • share a location that open in Nokia maps
  • share a web link
  • share plain text
  • launch NFC Commander
  • open one of many windows phone settings
  • show gigs around me*
  • play artist mix*
  • share artist details*
  • launch Nokia Music*

*work only on Nokia Lumia smartphones as you need Nokia music


Planed update will allow you to create launch tags to any application.

Finally in the about tab you can get in-touch with me and let me know what feature would you like to see in the future, I’m open to all suggestion. You can also follow me on twitter @JasonPap_dev .

Download the app: